Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I So Need One of These!!

Afternoon guys, 

Okay so I'm on my lunch hour and i'm outside thinking that i'm getting a little bored of my vape... Yea its cool, yea i'm still enjoying my Sucker Punch liquid, but there is something lacking... Something that i want to change.

Then it hit me... I was going to head back into the office and take a few minutes to see what new tanks are out there for me at the minute, I mean i'm not a newbie any more surely after sticking with it for well over 6 months now... time to treat myself right? (I'll get some shoes while i'm at it! ;) )

Only problem is, after looking high and low I've managed to find one I like but i'm struggling to get my hands on it... Its out of reach... Just not available in the UK yet :(.

The one that i'm taking about is the Griffin 25 RTA, although i think that i'll have to go with the standard one at the minute as that one claims to be easier than the other, even if more airflow does seem very appealing!

On the flipside, i've dropped a message via their site to ask when they will have it in and now i'm heading off to buy myself some shoes for this weekend. 

Yay me! 

Love and XXX's


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Lose Weight with Weight Loss Hypnosis

You might have heard many great things about weight loss hypnosis but whether weight loss hypnosis really works is another thing. It has been said that weight loss hypnosis will instantly change the way you think and feel about food. Hypnosis has freed many people from smoking. That weight loss hypnosis will also work the same way is only natural to believe.
It is believed that weight loss hypnosis was introduced at the time around which people  started using hypnosis for quitting smoking. It has been proved that hypnosis has been used by people to kick bad habits. You may also consider weight loss hypnosis if you are serious about losing weight.  In the weight loss hypnosis, the mind of the person is filled with some worthy recommendations so that emotional eating, binge eating, compulsive eating, and other related concerns will be shun away.
Weight loss hypnosis is a sort of training that allows you to have a full control over your own body’s mechanisms. One’s mind can go an in-depth meditation regarding awareness and thoughts through hypnosis. Clearing the mind with negative thoughts and programming it to become open to certain suggestions is what weight loss hypnosis all about. An individual embed these suggestions into regular flow of thoughts.
It is relatively easy to get the desired result if you have full control over your mind and thought. The thoughts which are connected with weight loss are embedded into the mind of the person through the stage of hypnosis. Your appetite for fatty foods that you enjoy so much will not be taken away after you have weight loss hypnosis session. You will be helped by the hypnosis to control your cravings and turn to healthy foods instead of chips or fast food.
People who are not realized that they are overweight are in need for weight loss hypnosis. These people can not accept the truth so they pretend that everything is alright with their weight. The minds of these people will be conditioned with regards to their real situation and will be instilled in them the proper ways to solve their dilemma by weight loss hypnosis.
Weight loss hypnosis has also been misunderstood by  some people who think that  they will immediately start eating fruits and vegetables instead of burgers and fries as soon as they are done with the session. It could be the case for some people but it may be different for many others.
Only professionals should do the weight loss hypnosis. The capability of contending with the particular behaviors which contribute to gaining weight is only known by these professionals.