Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I So Need One of These!!

Afternoon guys, 

Okay so I'm on my lunch hour and i'm outside thinking that i'm getting a little bored of my vape... Yea its cool, yea i'm still enjoying my Sucker Punch liquid, but there is something lacking... Something that i want to change.

Then it hit me... I was going to head back into the office and take a few minutes to see what new tanks are out there for me at the minute, I mean i'm not a newbie any more surely after sticking with it for well over 6 months now... time to treat myself right? (I'll get some shoes while i'm at it! ;) )

Only problem is, after looking high and low I've managed to find one I like but i'm struggling to get my hands on it... Its out of reach... Just not available in the UK yet :(.

The one that i'm taking about is the Griffin 25 RTA, although i think that i'll have to go with the standard one at the minute as that one claims to be easier than the other, even if more airflow does seem very appealing!

On the flipside, i've dropped a message via their site to ask when they will have it in and now i'm heading off to buy myself some shoes for this weekend. 

Yay me! 

Love and XXX's


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